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This blog will hopefully be an interesting and relatively witty account of my time in Korea. If this turns out to be false, please don't read it, and accept my apologies.

Also, I have lived here for 8 months, so I don't have all the amazing 'I've-just-got-here-wow-look-at- that' stories. But I saw a woman walking down a street with a dog on her head. Stood up. On her head. These kind of stories I will share.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Mr Camel. My Hero

So, I'm starting to regret posting the dog thing. It turns out some people like dogs, and don't particulary like the fact that I ate one. My apologies to my parents, the are the proud owners of a awesome looking German Pointer, who is currently working through some longstanding anger issues. 'he's OK, we just can't look at him in the eyes.' We have the Medusa of the dog world! Your probably thinking, well I bet he doesn't bite....well it does! It tried to bite my face off once, but alas, I am much taller!

So, this blog is about my school, and particulary my amazing students.

My Sixth Form is a Technical and Mechanical school, which means that the students ability is, shall we say, varied. I teach 500 students a week, and I think I can remember 3 names, which is 3 more than I anticipated in knowing at this stage. They are (I'm not making this up); J.D, Hogan, and one Mr Camel. I like Mr Camel the best, obviously. He has Korean graffiti on his jacket. I asked him what it said and he said, 'Camel, because I look like Camel'. I can't see it myself, but from then on he has become my favourite student. I think I added the 'Mr' part. He loves it!

It was quite intimidating at first, been in front of 30 16 year old boys (I teach maybe 10 girls in total). Especially when you don't speak Korean. And they don't want to speak English. And most of them are typical 16 year old boys, but some of them are fully grown men, big guys with attitudes and absolutely no English ability. I'm still a bit intimitdated around them, they just stare at me from the back of the room. I'll take a picture so you can see what I mean. (although I'll have to do it slyly)

Yesterday a student showed me a piece of paper with 'pussy' written on.

'Teacher, whats this?'

'It's a cat. Now get on with your work.'

I was surprised, not because of what he wrote, but he asked me a question in English! He usually only says one word, 'shit'; it's his catchphrase of sorts, which is really nice, but I would like him to develop that a bit. Perhaps whilst removing the 'shit' altogether.

We did a desert island exercise the other week, and they has to write 3 things they would take to the desert island, and why. Of course the good students came up with First Aid Kit, Tent, Axe, e.t.c. The itimidating boys at the back of the class came up with guns, knifes, bullets. Some (rather amazing) students said beer, cigarettes, fast cars, and women. I think I have to try not to laugh, but it's difficult when the reason for women is 'to intercourse'. A certain Mr Camel was responsible for that one. One half of me wanted to give him a disapproving look, the other one wanted me pat him on the back and say 'good job'. I think I gave him the look, but I can't be sure..........

Classes are cancelled next week, it's exam time. The bad side I won't be able to keep you up to date on the life and times of Mr Camel, the good side is I have no classes. Expect a long blog next week!

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