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This blog will hopefully be an interesting and relatively witty account of my time in Korea. If this turns out to be false, please don't read it, and accept my apologies.

Also, I have lived here for 8 months, so I don't have all the amazing 'I've-just-got-here-wow-look-at- that' stories. But I saw a woman walking down a street with a dog on her head. Stood up. On her head. These kind of stories I will share.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Election Ramblings

Greetings my little chicks and cocks.

Are we all as excited as me about Thursday? It looks like it's going to be a good one. The bad news is I'll have to watch the coverage on CNN world. Sometimes it barely passes as an English language channel, nevermind a news channel. Watching it for more than 10 minutes sends me into a state somewhere between total disbelief and mild depression. I don't think I've ever learnt anything from it. I was watching it today and they were in England asking people about the election. This was the (actual) conversation.

'So, what do the think of the election campaign'

'Bored shit with it.'

'Who are you going to vote for?'


'Are they the party with the controversial attitudes towards immigration?


'Is that why you are going to vote for them?'


Thats what you get CNN for interviewing a man in an allotment, sorry, 'urban garden' on a Wednesday morning , live on TV. He continued his enlightenment by talking about how he wanted England to 'return to how it was 50 years ago' (read; white). Obviously that makes me immensely proud to be English. A nation full of racist gardeners. (for any American readers, the 'immensely' line was an example of sarcasm.)

Anyway, is everyone actually going to vote Lib Dems this time, or are we all just saying, and on the day change our minds like usual? If, on the day, you get nervous about voting Lib Dem, remember 3 things;

  1. 1. A Lib Dem MP dated a Cheeky Girl

2. There was a 20 year age difference

  1. 3. This is awesome.

Also, spotted this picture last week. (well, I googled 'George Osbournes sexy legs', and this was on the 4th page).

This is what happens when posh Conservatives get told to 'modernize'. They probably fight it at first, but then realise that they have to be seen to be 'in touch', and do what 'normal' people do. Now, I'm looking at the picture, and I don't see anything modern about that. Is that a Raleigh bike? I don't see anything normal about it either. I was kind of curious where he testicles were. They have to be somewhere!

Theres over 150 politicians are standing down at the election overr the expenses scandal. There is an opportunity to have some decent humans representing us. What a frightening idea!

Take the relatively honourable SIR Anthony Steen. His absolutely genuine response, to information that he had claimed £90,000 over 4 years in expenses on his second home, (fixing the water supply, guarding his shrubs against rabbits, tree surgery, etc).......

'Do you know what it is about? Jealousy. I have got a very, very large house. Some people say it looks like Balmoral, …............. It’s not particularly attractive, it just does me nicely and it’s got room to actually plant a few trees.' http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fDvxzWjtJvA

He's retiring, funnily enough. Probably to spend more time in his very, very large house. The twat. Did I mention he's a Conservative?

Anyway, that leaves us with boy Clegg and his gang of likeable yellow men.(and women). It could be a disaster. It'll definitely be a change. I'm up for it. Although I am living in South Korea.

Got to go, there's a delivery of ducks due, and I have to make sure I get a receipt;)


Upadate....Brown might not be finished yet! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6BA2Jz7xIXw

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